The Sporting Club Signed a Partnership Agreement with Volvo Lebanon

 During a press conference held at the Volvo VRE showroom in Beirut, The Sporting Club and Gabriel Abou Adal & Co. Sal (GAA) sole and Exclusive agent of Volvo cars, trucks, and buses in Lebanon have announced the signing of a partnership agreement. The ceremony was held under the patronage of H.E. the Minister of Youth and Sports Gen. Abdel Mottaleb Hennaoui, represented by Mr. Yasser El Hajj, and with the presence of the Sporting team players. Children from the Children Cancer Center took part to the event and got the chance to enjoy a very special moment with the Sporting players.

Following the National Anthem, TV host and Producer Pierre Rabbath, host of the ceremony, introduced the two parties.

Mr. Marwan Naffi, General Manager of GAA, stressed on the will of Volvo Lebanon to establish partnerships with sports institutions, including the Beirut Marathon Association and the Sporting Club, which are pioneers in the field. Mr. Naffi remembered the time when he used to play sports in the Sporting club and assured that the club members would benefit from special offers on one hand, and that Volvo clients would be able to donate to the Sporting club via Volvo on the other hand.

Engineer Hisham Jaroudy, president of the Sporting Club thanked Volvo Lebanon and Mr. Naffi for their warm welcoming. He then stated that one of the club’s main priorities has always been and still is, to offer proper training for young generations, and channel them towards sports, far from the society’s problems that they face on daily basis. He also cheered for the club’s own achievement, for the fact that the three youngest players in Riyadi’s first division team, are proud graduates of Riyadi’s institution, which counts 700 students today.

Eng. Jaroudy finally ensured that the club is against all forms of sectarianism or segregation, and that its sole purpose is to hold high the Lebanese flag. In this context, he congratulated the men’s team of the club for its participation in the Asia Championship, promising to win the championship that will be held next October in Iran, and bring back the championship’s cup back home. He also stated that it’s his wish and sincere hope that other institutions follow Volvo’s example in its engagement in favor of the Lebanese sports.

While Eng. Jaroudy was mentioning the words that were said to him by late Antoine Choueiri, who one day told him that “without Riyadi Club, there would not have been the Sagesse Club, and that without Sagesse Club there would not have been the Riyadi Club, and that at the bottom line, the only thing that really mattered was fair play and courtesy in dealing with the adversary”; he was surprised by the arrival of the resigned president of Sagesse Club, Mr. Nadim Hakim, whom he warmly greeted and congratulated for their victory at the Clubs Championship in Dubai.

Mr. Yasser El Hajj then took speech, and stressed in the name of Minister Hennaouui, on the importance of Volvo’s initiative, hoping that it will serve as a fine example and role model in the future.

The signing of the partnership agreement was followed by a celebration cake topped with a gigantic basket ball.


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