Canada's Announcements

Building on Canada's longstanding friendship and support for Lebanon, including $198m announced earlier this year for support across humanitarian, development, capacity, training and education services, Minister Dion announced the following Canadian support for Lebanon this week:

Project: Preventing Daesh's expansion into LEBANON

Purpose: Canada will be providing an additional $1M in 2016 (for a total contribution $1.175M) to the UK for their multinational efforts at creating the Land Border Regiment of the Lebanese Armed Forces to bring 100% of the Lebanese-Syrian border under Lebanese state control by providing communication equipment to 2 towers and building a forward operating base.

Contribution: $1M (additional funding); $750K (funded in 2015)

Source: Counter-Terrorism Capacity Building Program


Project: Mountain Gear and Winter Clothing

Purpose: This project aims to increase the capacity of the LAF to more effectively fight Daesh along its border with Syria through the provision of mountain climbing gear and winter clothing, areas of Canadian experise. Supporting the LAF will enable Lebanon to prevent or mitigate some of the many security and social challenges it is facing with an on-going civil war nearby in Syria and the largest refugee population per capita of any nation.

Contribution: $4.4 M

Source: Counter-Terrorism Capacity Building Program in cooperation w/Canada's Forces


Project: Engaging Lebanese and Syrian women in social stability     

Purpose: The project will create opportunities for facilitated  exchanges and dialogue between Syrian refugees and Lebanese host communities, and actively promote and publicise the role of women as leaders and peacebuilders in their communities.         

Partner: Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training (LOST)

Contribution: CAD $449, 782 over 18 months

Source: Peace and Stabilization Operations Program


Project: ‎Tackling youth against Extremism in Lebanon       

Purpose: To empower youth with the skills and knowledge that will allow them to contribute to their communities and promote individual rejection of violent extremism.          

Partner: The Stabilization Network - TSN (formerly Pursue)        

Contribution: $950K

Source: Counter-Terrorism Capacity Building Program


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