Beloved Scent

The source of life lies within me

Yet when I look at you my beloved

With wondrous eyes, I see myself unfolded

Into the Universe, into all that I was and will be


Remembrances of a warm womb

Left so long ago, your sweet scents

I breathe, your skin I inhale

Thus I will remain till I depart to my tomb

And once more, be reborn in full bloom


Remembrances of a mother’s womb

Of a time lost between the heavens and earth

An enclave for the spirit, reminiscences of lives long gone

Journeying  through passion and sufferance till rebirth


Yet your scent my beloved

Infused my being, embraced my aura

Trailed me and through lifetimes I returned

My senses seeking to inhale your sweet hair

Mystical fumes, my resting place, my lair.


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