A PEAK FROM THE EAST: Brazilian Women in Lebanon

Realizing the need for an initiative that displays the contribution of Brazilian women living in Lebanon to the local society, Viviane Carvalho, founder of the online magazine Connection Beirut, and the experienced photographer Hassan Ammar collaborated to work on a photography exhibition “Brazilian Women in Lebanon” that portrays warrior women who have chosen Lebanon as their place to establish their lives and raise their kids.

The exhibition aims at demonstrating the heterogeneity of the Brazilian people within the Cedars’ land. Women from different ages, beliefs, and social classes were chosen. The 40 women in the project are also from different regions of Brazil, with several religions, cultures, and traits.

The exhibition aims to demystify the belief claiming that Brazilian women who got married to Lebanese were submissive and had a life of torture in Lebanon. It seeks to shed light on the truth, which is the complete opposite: these women led complete, independent, and happy lives.

"The exhibition aims to demystify the belief claiming that Brazilian women who got married to Lebanese were submissive"

This project was a milestone in the Phoenician land, a pioneer on this topic. Through the years, it has been clear to notice a constant work and search regarding the Lebanese diaspora in Brazil, and this exhibition, as a first, specifically addressed the Brazilian living in Lebanon. It was held at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) Archeological Museum.

Since publications on the subject are rare or non-exsistent, the event planners hoped that this initiative would trigger the expansion of the studies on this matter, which would be essential when it comes to the unity of the Brazilian community in Lebanon.

The project displayed the fragments of the daily life of 40 Brazilian women who have left their HOMEland to be here, in Lebanon, a nation abounding with history and natural beauty, and which they now call “HOME”. However, the exposition sought also to transmit the beauties of Lebanon. Some of the women were photographed at different tourist spots all around the country. The visitors were able to get a glimpse of the personal story of each of the participants.

The project was supported by the Brazilian Embassy and emphasized on the ongoing importance of the friendship among the two nations.

The exhibition was open to the public, and donations will be offered to Kafa (www.kafa.org.lb). The organization that supports women who suffer or have suffered from domestic violence in Lebanon.

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