You can now camp in style with your friends and family. Glamping offers you the best accommodations to camp luxuriously.

The hustle and bustle of everyday city life can get over-whelming. Between running errands, work and school duties, traffic noises or building constructions, one must break away for a few days to re-energize and revitalize body and mind. Fortunately, Lebanon is well endowed with blossoming nature and exquisite scenery that would provide the serenity needed. Unfortunately, camping in the great outdoors can get sticky, dirty and uncomfortable. Wrestling mosquitoes and pitching tents isn’t for everybody but global advances have now modified the age old tradition and introduced us to Glamping!

" Lebanon is well endowed with blossoming nature and exquisite scenery that would provide the serenity needed for glamping"

Glamping is the upbeat combination of Glamour and Camping. It is a recreational activity that you can participate in with family and friends. Unlike camping, glamping offers a full set of accommodations, including rest rooms, showers and even a ready made fire pit. Those who feel ill-equipped to survive solely on tuna fish and sleeping bags can still experience the sweet breezes and clear skies in luxury with glamping.

In previous times, glamping was mostly enjoyed by the upper classes of society. However the past year has witnessed a marked rise in hotels and resorts that offer this service within reasonable price. Glamping has now branched out in countless cities and in several styles. There are treehouse glamps, tents, cabins and huts. You can appreciate the great Aurora Borealis in a pod glamp or rent a small cottage by the Clerve River in Luxembourg.

Lebanon is also growing in favor of outdoor fun and relaxation. There is an increased awareness in the dangers of constant stress and pressures which can be resolved by a few moments of silence amid a green field. Many new campsites have been launched with various services, some of which include restaurants and a wide range of activities like Basiour Country Club and Swings Camp. Kroum Ehden Resort, located in the rich mountainous town up north, is now finalizing the official glamping concept in order to be implemented this summer.

They say money spent on experiences is money spent well. This fancy camping initiative allows for the exploration of an alternative lifestyle which benefits the heart even if it’s for a few days. So whether you’re staying in Lebanon or traveling out west over the summer, a comfortable break in the wild would be refreshing.





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