Emotions in the Body

Negative emotions cause us to feel less joyful and are linked to illness and disease

In Yogic science as in all eastern philosophy, emotions have a place in our minds, in the form of thoughts, and in our physical body as feelings. These are linked to specific organs.

Thoughts which cause feelings, and feelings which cause thoughts, are felt both in mind and body. It is a two way street. They deposit a residue and leave their mark.

Cells and consciousness have layers and memory, this residue left unchecked will build up over time and cause a domino effect and leave us vulnerable to a plethora of negative physical/emotional side effects.

To illustrate the immediate impact of our thoughts on our bodies and the two way street of the mind/body connection, imagine the feelings associated with an angry thought. Where do you feel it in your body?

Contrast it to the feelings that occur when you sink into a warm soothing tub with fragrant oils and beautiful music playing. Thoughts of comfort and wellness begin to flow in the body and mind, your entire mind/body begin to feel at ease and peaceful.

The Buddha said, “You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger”

The seat of anger in our bodies lies in the liver and the adrenals. An angry thought instantly causes murmurs in those areas. When we are angry everything around us seems angry too. This affects our entire outlook on life.

In yoga, we work directly on the glandular system. Supporting our body’s inner technology allows its optimal functioning, we rely on its innate intelligence to bring us back to a more balanced state of homeostasis.

Anger is a great example because for a lot of people it is lurking just below the surface. Past experiences of anger leave their imprint in the body. We may not be aware on a conscious level but it is still remembered somewhere within us.

What is meant in the above quote is that your physical body and mind will suffer from the fact of the existence of your anger as a thought, an emotion and a feeling. You (as body, mind, and soul) will suffer from having this anger. Yoga works directly on this phenomenon. Yoga is designed to strengthen the internal technology of the body. Keeping it vital so it can keep itself free of deep clogs forming, and sticking which would impair the functioning of the whole body. The body begins to function at a higher level of efficiency and knows exactly how to take perfect care of itself. Health has a massive impact on your lifestyle and happiness.

How to ease & cleanse your anger

One of the most important links between the mind and body is the breath. Using the Sitali breathing technique can instantly instill upon you a deep sense of calm and bring you away from your object of anger and into a more detached state of mind. You only have to close your eyes, curl your tongue and inhale deeply and slowly through your tongue. Exhale through your noise. Repeat ten times.

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